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Why Choose a Medicare Advantage Plan?

With the different options, why should you choose a Medicare Advantage plan?

Medicare isn’t a one size fits all once you turn 65. Everyone has various needs, prescription medicines, specialty care, transportation needs, and the list goes on. Finding the right plan once you have been enrolled into Medicare and Social Security, isn’t easy. Sometimes it takes the special navigator of a good health insurance agent.

First, what is Medicare Advantage? Medicare Advantage, or Part C, is a type of health insurance offered that provides Medicare benefits through a private health insurance company. In a Medicare Advantage plan, you may have or may not have a monthly premium. Some Medicare Advantage Plans have very lush benefits which don’t have any premium and very little deductibles. In addition, the plan also includes prescription drug coverage or Part D Benefits, at no additional cost. On the contrary, on traditional Medicare, you would have to sign up for an additional pharmacy benefit and pay for Part D coverage.

Many plans also offer additional benefits, such as dental coverage, vision or transportation, and some may even offer gym benefits. Under "Original Medicare," a Medicare beneficiary pays a monthly premium to the federal government and receives coverage for Part A (hospitalization) and Part B (outpatient/doctor visits) services. In addition, if one would like to supplement that coverage, that would have to be purchased separately through a health insurance broker, resulting in paying multiple premiums. Original Medicare will often have you footing 20% of many bills with no limit on how much you might have to pay out of pocket. (Paying only 20% can seem OK until you get a bill for $50,000 and suddenly have to cough up $10,000).

When enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan, you relinquish the “traditional” Medicare card, and you use the health plan card as a replacement, which covers both hospitalization and doctor visits. One additional perk to being on a Medicare Advantage Plan for those that might travel abroad, is that coverage outside of the United States is often covered, whereas, if you have traditional Medicare, there is no coverage outside of the US borders.

The HRBC representative will help you navigate through the Medicare world. For more information on Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplements and what may be best for you, please contact an HRBC representative today. They will eliminate any frustration and help you may the best decision based on your needs.

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