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What Employers Should Look for in Health Insurance for Employees

Here are a few considerations for what else to look for in a health insurance plan, and why.

Pharmacy Coverage – Specific pharmacy benefits will depend on a specific health plan, but while your HRBC Representative is comparing plans for you, take the time to understand also, how the plan you’re considering covers prescriptions. You might want to look for a plan that offers access to not only retail pharmacies, but mail delivery. Retail pharmacies are good for one-time prescriptions such as antibiotics. Mail delivery can be cost effective for daily prescription medication while managing chronic conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease.

Wellness Programs - Wellness programs are widely considered helpful to employers to control healthcare costs, since they encourage the workers to adopt healthy habits while managing weight and lowering stress, among other areas. These types of programs can also have a positive impact on productivity. Statistics reveal that by having a wellness program in place there is a clear correlation between program participation and fewer absences.

Telemedicine – Having a network that is savvy in telemedicine access is a plus. Telemedicine, or Telehealth, is a virtual appointment with a doctor and takes place by phone or online video conference from your smart phone or computer. Telemedicine doctors are able to treat a wide variety of non-emergent health care needs including, but not limited to, allergies, skin conditions, cold, and flu. Telehealth is now part of most plans delivery model providing healthcare services where and when patients need it. It also provides an indirect cost-savings for employers. When employees don’t spend hours away from work to visit a doctor, calling off sick will drop and productivity improves. It is also convenient for employees, having access to their doctor anytime, anywhere and eliminates travel time which can bring added stress. Telemedicine is a huge benefit for those who travel frequently and working parents.

For more information on finding the best insurance plans with the added benefits of Telemedicine, Wellness Programs as well as a Pharmacy Benefit, reach out to HRBC Insurance today at 1-877-651-7526 to schedule a consultation. You won’t regret it.

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