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What Employees Want During Open Enrollment

Are you on track with what your employees want to know during open enrollment?

The company, isolved, surveyed full-time employees to learn about their expectations for benefits programs and platforms. At the top of the wish lists are better enrollment technologies, more customizable benefits packages, a bigger variety of benefits, and cost analysis for benefits plans.

Also, employees overwhelmingly want a comprehensive wellness program to address physical, mental, and financial well-being.

Here's how employees say that their employers could improve benefits enrollment:

  • 17% Better technology to elect benefits online

  • 16% More customizable benefits packages

  • 14% A cost analysis for benefits plans

  • 14% More flexibility in the types of benefits they offer

  • 13% More information about the enrollment process

  • 12% Elimination of manual election

  • 8% More information for each plan option

  • 4% An open-enrollment virtual assistant

  • 3% A more family-driven experience

The most popular enrollment tech feature is the ability to see a real-time cost analysis of elections. With this capability, employees can view per-paycheck deductions for benefits contributions before finalizing their elections. Another popular feature is having the previous year's elected benefits roll over for them to confirm. Only 5% of employees are unlikely to roll over benefits from the previous year.

When it comes to benefits communications, email is the most popular:

  • 42% Email

  • 17% Calendar Reminders

  • 11% Webinar/presentation

  • 10% A team meeting where participants can ask questions

  • 8% A one-on-one meeting to go over plan details

  • 7% A virtual assistant guiding employees through the process

  • 6% FAQs documents

Contact your Amwins Connect Regional Sales Representative to find out how to meet employees’ wish lists when it comes to benefits and communications.

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