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Open Enrollment And The Healthy Employee

Open enrollment is an important time of year for you and your employees. In addition to providing benefits for your employees and their loved ones, it’s also a time of year to introduce healthcare options and preventative wellness activities.

If you are interested in offering new and lush benefits to your employees, you may want to consider reaching out to a licensed representative at HRBC. They’re experienced with all types of insurances, and especially those plans that are available to employees nearing retirement or turning 65.

Additionally, to providing great benefit information, offering services from those local providers and provider groups will help introduce some great practices for your employees. Some of the areas that can be offered are those critical screenings such as blood glucose testing, blood pressure checks, eye exams, healthy eating practices and more. Other areas of wellness can be helping employees change their habits such as exercising more, sleeping longer hours, turning off electrical devices prior to bedtime, etc.

Often times, employers can offer applications that employees can use to help navigate their health, i.e. exercise habits and good eating habits. Just to name a few, there are Vera Health, Virgin Pulse, In-Health. Keeping employees health is important to long term employee retention. Some things employers can remind their employees of regularly are:

  • Eat sensibly

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Restrict caffeine and alcohol intake

  • Maintain good posture

  • Take frequent breaks

  • Keep your workstation clean and organized

  • Be hygienic

  • Avoid mingling with other sick employees

HRBC is interested in employee wellness. Keep them in mind while choosing your next open enrollment event, while offering superb benefits.

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