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Finding the Right Plan and Network for your Employees

With so many options for employee benefit coverage, how are you to know which is best?

Finding the right plan as well as provider network is extremely important for the overall wellbeing of you and your employees. Keeping your employees healthy is the right thing to do, and choosing the right network is also important. When choosing a health plan, you want to eliminate any plan that excludes your local providers or their network; taking into consideration not only physicians, but urgent cares and hospitals.

Most employees will consider health insurance to be one of the most valuable benefits provided by their employer. As an employer, offering health insurance helps better attract and retain premier talent.

Traditional health insurance is the choice of most small businesses. Its biggest advantage is the flexibility it provides to the employees, allowing them to visit any doctor or hospital; but it can be more expensive to offer than managed care plans, which offer fee for service options mirroring the freedom of traditional insurance. Keep in mind also that the co-pays and deductibles that employees pay can be somewhat high.

While evaluating health plans and their networks, a few things to keep in mind are:

1. Cost. Look at the cost of the plan, the deductibles and co-insurance.

2. Coverage. Some policies will limit coverage to specific health conditions. Find out exactly what is covered and if there are exclusions.

3. Reimbursement. Checking reimbursement for various procedures will reveal whether coverage is far less than the average hospital or physician charge. You might want to check with a physician to see if ce4rtain coverage amounts are reasonable.

4. Restrictions. Exam is there are restrictions that don’t fit with your business operations. Often time, HMO’s reduce coverage or have no coverage if an employee has to see care in another state or out of area. If your employees travel, this type of policy would not be appropriate.

Choosing the right healthcare partner is one of the most important decisions you will make. The representatives at HRBC are experienced and ethical. They will be able to provide you with options to compare. Before making an appointment with HRBC, it may be good to evaluate a few plans yourself; creating a list that includes preferences for medical, dental, mental health, or maternity coverage, and whether your company may want to provide insurance for employees' dependents. The HRBC representative will help you navigate through that list, resulting in the right decision for you and your employees.

For more information about how HRBC Insurance can help you with your group insurance choices and decisions, call us at 1-877-651-7526 or email us at

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