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7 Ways for Employers to Reduce Healthcare Spending

Here are some fairly simple ways that you can reduce your company's healthcare spending.

Five Common conditions can be costly for employers, according to a report by the Health Action Council and UnitedHealth Group:

  • Asthma

  • Diabetes

  • Hypertension

  • Back disorders

  • Mental health/substance use

They offer these tips for employers to improve well-being and satisfaction, which may help reduce the employer’s health care costs:

  1. Create education and targeted wellness programs to address prevalent conditions

  2. Institute programs for exercise, stretch, or meditation

  3. Evaluate the benefit plan for opportunities to implement continuum-of-care protocols — for example, making chiropractic care or physical therapy mandatory for back disorders before moving to more aggressive treatments

  4. Cover medications for common, chronic conditions

  5. Create targeted communications for specific regions and demographics. Select photography that represents your targeted audience and consider having a success story or program champion from the targeted audience. Develop communications that reflect cultural differences

  6. Promote virtual care for specific conditions — for example, mental health support in rural areas

  7. Work with your third-party administrator or medical professionals to identify opportunities for provider outreach and education on practice management protocols

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